Tax audit

Supervisor identifies potential hazards and opportunities through a business tax audit. After completing the audit, we ensure the optimal way of tax business. In the following, the Supervisor informs you of changes to the law and advises on tax and legal aspects of financial matters. As a supervisor application user, you are also guaranteed representation in the case of inspection services.

The tax audit covers the following checks:

– presentation of revenues and expenses and expenses in accordance with the provisions of legal acts and by-laws;

– the adequacy of the documentation and the authenticity of the accounting documents when presenting selected business events in connection with the tax return,

– an in-depth VAT review, including the identification of potential risks and cost reduction options,

– the correctness of the accounting policies used in the balance sheets and their impact on the DDPO tax return;

– taxation of international income at source and their impact on taxation in Slovenia;

– critical assessment of tax-deductible expenses and expenses;

– optimizing the use of tax credits and other tax base reductions in order to carry out effective tax planning;

– advice and recommendations on how to remedy any irregularities identified;

– preparation for tax audit by the tax authority, and

– representing clients in the case of tax inspection.

Treasury audit

A supervisor enables you to audit your company’s treasury business, which includes:

– identification of the current liquidity position of the company / group,

– establishment of indicators for comprehensive treatment of business flows,

– establishment of indicators for decision-making models,

– optimization of funding sources and financial assets,

– consolidated interest rate and currency risk modeling,

– the establishment of a financial intermediary position for the undertaking,

– establishment of business control criteria (owner),

– proposals for improvements in financial management (currency risks, transfer prices, cash flows, etc.),

– proposals for potential recapitalization opportunities in forced settlements,

– proposals for potential buying opportunities in bankruptcy proceedings, and

– access to the requests and business opportunities we publish daily.

Compliance audit

The Supervisor app provides insight into every subject law that is prescribed for your business. Through our compliance audit, we will ensure that you are operating properly in accordance with the legal framework. After completing the compliance audit, your supervisor notifies you of changes to the legal framework of the business and gives you insight into any law that defines your business. As a supervisor application user, you also have representation in case of inspections.