Financial services

Together with you, we process data with expertise and tools that allow it to be transformed into information and make the most of it. The right explanations lead to the right decisions that provide the right interpretations and improve the business and position it in the regulatory framework.

Financial management requires a lot of knowledge and tools. Strict management, risk and compliance requirements make it difficult for organizations in the private and public sectors to operate. Risk management becomes daunting due to the multiplicity of tasks, laws, results and stakeholders. Many risks are not obvious at first, so it is difficult to come up with effective strategies to deal with them. With risk analysis tools and techniques, these can be managed and even predicted.

Supervisor Financial Analytics iterates you data, making it easier to design business processes. Financial plans, legal bases and forecasts with the help of the Financial Analytics Supervisor become more accurate, so organizations can more easily manage data based on business indicators and provide legal frameworks for business that are set up by private and public sector organizations.

In the area of ​​treasury operations, it is also important to establish systems for managing (consolidated) cash flows and modeling of associated risks (currency, interest rate, liquidity, etc.).

We also advise you on choosing the right insurance provider (usually a commercial bank that offers interest rate, currency and credit risk derivatives) and provides assistance in negotiating financing sources.

Supervisor analytics can also establish systems for consolidated credit risk (counterparty risk) and per partner (exposure limit system).