Legal services

The Supervisor provides professional legal support for the establishment, operation, management, control and liquidation of organizations. We advise economic and public entities in drafting corporate acts of companies, preparing documentation for general meetings, advising in connection with the implementation of specific corporate actions such as share capital increases, mergers, divisions of companies and changes in legal forms (status and legal transformation).

We prepare different types of contracts, shareholder and option agreements for you, and we participate in the negotiations for their conclusion, as well as in the implementation of the agreed rights and obligations.

We provide comprehensive legal advice at all stages of the sale or purchase of business interests, shares or activities. We operate in the field of mergers and acquisitions, which may include cross-border or international elements.

The Supervisor provides support to various stakeholders in financial restructuring procedures and elimination of the causes of the debtor’s insolvency, which consequently ensures the establishment of a short-term and long-term solvency of the debtor. We provide support before and during the onset of insolvency.

The supervisor provides legal assistance in drawing up employment contracts and drafting internal rules, advising on termination of employment contracts and in layoff procedures.

We provide our users with legal solutions at all stages of the procurement process, which are subject to complex and rapidly changing regulations in the area of ​​public procurement and public-private partnerships.

Supervisor also optimizes tax law compliance and taxation of your business. Through a tax audit, we collectively review your business, identify and eliminate bumps, and detect additional legally permitted tax optimization options. We advise and warn you about possible tax irregularities in individual business moves, instead of communicating with the tax authorities and representing you in tax procedures.